Monday, March 4, 2013

This is what I would like to say to you continued...

Keri, Michael & Candace,
I am so sorry that your mom had to leave this Earth way before her time. I miss her often as I know you do too.  I sometimes feel bad because I am so thankful that I am still blessed to have my mom in my life.  Janet was such a wonderful person.  I will cherish our mom and daughter trip to the most magical place on Earth with my mom, Keri and Janet.  We made such GREAT memories in just a short amount of time.  I know that she is proud of each of you and I know that she is looking down on you and is in your hearts each and every day.  Keri, I love you!  You have always been there for me as my supportive angel!  I love laughing with you and talking to you about nothing and everything.  Thank you for always being here for me no matter what! 

Kevin and Jason,
I too am sorry for the lose of your mother, Jane.  She was such a great person.  I loved her laugh!  She would get tickled and could barely talk.  I know that you both miss her as does your dad.  Just remember that you have a big family here in Licking County that loves you all and misses you so don't isolate yourselves up in your own little neck of the woods. 

You frustrate me so with your wishy washy decisions.  You are a good mother and a caring individual.  Just remember to enjoy your life and your children and remember that you aren't the only person who can take care of them.  You need to find time for you and take care of yourself so that you can really be there for your children both in body and mind.  You and I have been friends for a very long time and we have gone through many of things together.  I love you and will ALWAYS be here for you no matter what.  Just don't forget that.  If you ever need me just ask.

I wish I knew why this is such a one-sided friendship.  I just don't understand.  You and I have known each other for a very long time and I feel like you don't even care or that doesn't even matter.  I get that you are a guy and guys don't really show emotion but everyone needs a friend every now and again.  I miss you!  I hope that you are happy.  I would hate to see you go through life and not be happy.  Martha is a good woman and a good mother to your children.  Love her the way that she deserves to be loved and show her everyday that you love her.  This would not only please her but please God.

You are an amazing friend.  I really feel like friend doesn't even correctly describe what we are, more like sisters.  You love me unconditionally and fear for my future and you tell me.  This helps me and scares me.  I know everything that you talk about but you actually have the courage to tell me outloud and for this I am thankful.  I know that you do it because you love and care about me and my family.  I care for you more than you will know.  I am so proud to be your friend.  You are such a strong, confident and courageous woman!  I admire you and aspire to be like you.  I don't say this to pressure you or to make you feel uncomfortable but to just express how I feel.  Thank you for loving my son!  He loves you so much and for that I am extremely thankful! 

To be continued......

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